Saturday, October 24, 2009

Open Heavens in Kona

This has been an unprecedented time of open heavens for us here in Kona this week. We have found ourselves in the eye of a growing storm as God prepares the earth for a great movement among the emerging generation.

Last March Christy and I were stirred in our spirits about “Operation Mobilize” and sought out Mark Anderson, David Hamilton and John Dawson to propose a new movement called Call2All Next Generation. As we met to pour out our hearts it became clear that God wanted to prepare and awaken the emerging generation across the world and gather the Harvesters. We were so surprised to see this group of men bear witness. We threw around the idea of Tacoma as an opening site this November, as you may remember. However, over the weeks and months that followed it became apparent that New Zealand was the Lord’s selected Country and Tauranga, His city, for this opening event. This was confirmed as Joy Dawson weighed in on what she had heard from the Lord regarding this prophetic place and this chosen time. Her comments are below. Christy later had a dream that also confirmed New Zealand as the site much to our continual amazement and surprise!

You may have seen some of the videos that have been made for this event already but this recent video that was just completed really brings home what this movement is all about. I know so many of us attended the Hong Kong Call2All and that was such a spectacle to be together seeing the Chinese Church come out. Christy and I do not sense that the event in New Zealand is one that Tacoma needs to come out for in the same way as there is much to do in Tacoma! But we did want to make sure you were part of this historic moment with our family.

Our prayer is that Call2All Next Generation serves as a catalyst towards Operation Mobilize. Call2All is not Operation Mobilize, but it is a forerunner towards this goal of the full development of a five year plan to place 200,000 youth into the mission field. Operation Mobilize will require many organizations working together towards this goal. The grace over Call2All displays itself in what seems to be an unparalleled number of organizations expanding the globe, from every sphere of society, collectively and interdependently working together towards the fulfillment of the great commission.

One of the key emphasis points of the preparation for Operation Mobilize is the development of training schools. This is where our dear friends at YWAM are poised to be part of perhaps the greatest mobilization effort yet seen to date!In regards to Call2All Next Generation our prayer is to be able to hold 8 of these events in the United States. The development of the themes and evangelistic strategies along with the training schools are some of the key next steps. We have begun to work on new training material. We are praying that the messages that would come out of Call2All Next Generation would serve to blow the trumpet of preparation across the country. That the events would be catalytic in design and effect.

This recent video was just completed and we are so excited about how it turned out!

Christy and I are speaking in New Zealand on the restoration of the Gospel and believe that signs and wonders will accompany the public proclamation of the Gospel! "Encounter Now" is the key phrase that we have been praying and fasting to see every one in attendance experience. Jesus is alive and ready to embrace every one of us! There is nothing to wait for as Jesus has made provision for each one of us in every category of life. There is so much to get prepared for! We hope to announce Call2All Next Generation at One Thing in Kansas City this December. This is a prayer piece and we believe God will make clear. There are so many exciting days ahead all we need is faith in the promises of the Word of God to see Jesus move as He did in Scripture!

"Moses and Jean Darnell"

What does Moses have to do with Jean Darnall? Well for starters, Moses is our dear friend who runs the conferences for Korean Pastors and Couples here in Kona. For any of us who have had the chance to serve Jesus with Moses you are already smiling because of all of the good memories that you made when you were with Moses. Yesterday as I was getting a key from Campus Security for my office, Moses came in the door and said; "you must bring Christy today to see Jean Darnall!" "I was shocked when I heard the words ‘Jean Darnall’ come out of Moses mouth!" Moses did not know of Christy's encounter with Jean Darnall 11 years ago when we were living in the Farmhouse in Parkland. At that time Christy's Bible Study was flourishing while her health was declining. More and more days were given over to fewer and fewer hours that Christy could engage the family. As answer to our prayer, one of the young women who had been part of Christy's Bible Study joined YWAM and called from Kona telling us the story of Jean Darnall.

When you research Jean's story you find out all kinds of amazing stories. She tells the story of how she grew up in Aimee Semple McPhersons Church in California. (Aimee is the founder of the Foursquare church and so worth reading about!) Jean tells the account of how as a young child she'd sleep under the seats at the church, and when she'd awaken she'd play in the Shechinah glory cloud. She would try to catch it. Sister Darnell grew up to take Aimee Semple McPherson's place as pastor at Angelus Temple. She began her preaching and healing ministry at the age of 16. Later, she and her late husband, Elmer, served as ordained missionaries in Panama. They planted churches in Canada and the Eastern United States. They also pioneered the Foursquare work in West Australia for six years. Jean has had a strong influence in the Charismatic Renewal. Dr. Darnall is also the author of Heaven Here I Come, a personal account of many miraculous answers to prayer.

At the time Christy and I did not know any of this but simply heard the word "healing" when our friend called and off to Kona Christy flew 11 years ago. As Christy arrived we were devastated to find out that Jean had just left the Island for a trip and that our plan for coordinating a visit was not going to come together. Christy literally slept in the hotel for the majority of the 3 days she was in Kona and came home. When she was home she called Jean's house in Kona and her son picked up the phone. Christy explained her situation under God’s prompting her desire for prayer. Jean's son readily replied; "My Mom would love to pray for you." In the days to come Jean called Christy on 3 separate occasions giving us Scriptures with prophetic interpretation of God’s desired will for our life. This was the first time we had ever encountered hearing the voice of the Lord and that what God had in store for us would be more than we could ever have imagined!

Yesterday as we came into the room where Jean was teaching, the felt presence and glory of God was so heavy as she explained the ways of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the time she had the class stand up and begin to cry out for the Holy Spirit to come. It was a flood of the presence and power of God! At the end of the class Jean walked towards her room in the Go Center and walked straight towards Christy! We were silently praying, "Let this be of you and not of mans arrangement!" Jean kept walking towards Christy and there they were face to face for the first time! Christy began to cry as she told the story of what happened those many years ago. Jean began to smile and placed her hands on Christy and prayed for her to be healed and then simply explained what would happen now! Moses came up and we all cried together as the weight of the glory was so heavy. We have enclosed a wonderful picture to mark the occasion of His purposes coming full circle.

As we were leaving a couple named David and Ellen were standing at the door of the Go Center. They had founded YWAM Korea and the weight of their faithfulness stirred the emotion with us and Moses and left us crying again. God spoke to these great pioneers and especially to Ellen in such a special way. The love of God came upon all of us further making it a day we would never forget! We googled Jean last night and the first article that came up was this one! We looked at each other late that night saying, "could it be!" Jesus is such a great comfort and friend!

Joy Dawson's Thoughts

Thursday September 3, 2009 “This could be the beginning of the global move of God!”- Joy Dawson

In a recent phone conversation, Joy Dawson author and senior pioneer in the global prayer movement

said she was "very stirred about the coming Call2All Next Generation in New Zealand". She believes it is possible this could mark the beginning of a new wave of God’s Spirit in the earth. She warned that it would require Matthew 5 style humility to make this possible.

I also have this conviction. Because of this, we are starting this gathering with a 6 hour "solemn assembly", a deep time of worship and prayer, marked by repentance.


Christine said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO EXcited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO Excited for all that is ahead!!!!! THE LORD IS WITH YOU! Be strong and courageous!!! LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!!! Chrisy

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B-it is so good to hear an up date on Call2All and the Brennt family's heart. It feeds my faith! Thank you. Keep these blogs coming please!

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Brennt Family,
We are so so so excited for all that is happening over in Kona. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with your adventures.
Erin O

Erin said...

Jean Prohesied over me in 1995 at Kings kona DTS...In that class was Joy Dawsons niece!(also my friend) very cool to have found this blog ..Last I heard she is retired from ministry .I wish I could email her somehow to let her know that what she spoke has kept me going after all these years:)

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Just watched you live on video from Irvine New Song Church campus. I was really blessed with your preaching and your style. I would like to talk to you about the possibility of having your preachings/teachings on our online radio station. How can I communicate with you? Would you please send e your email address or phone number? Please email me at alicia @ (spaces added to avoid automatic spamming, please delete them before you send email).

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